Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lazy Acre Alpacas Open House

I want to live here.

The reason I want to live here is because 87 alpacas also live here, 
and I think we could have a good time together.

For example, I would be friends with this gal. 
In fact, I would probably start doing my hair like her,
because she obviously knows style.

The antique tractor collection is only temporary, unfortunately.

This is a part of an intake air-cleaning thingamajigger. The dirt particles get filtered out and dumped in this jar before they get to the engine and slowly destroy it. 
Also, it's photogenically rustic.

Alpaca males communing at the fence. I learned that males produce better fiber because their bodies are never busy gestating other living things or feeding them. It makes a lot of sense, but I never thought about it before. I thought it was rather interesting that you can read female alpaca fiber kind of like the rings of a tree stump.

Who says alpacas aren't romantic?

Alpaca fiber is so soft it feels like nothing.

I want to live here so much.

Alpacas are very curious and they were fascinated by this guy's beagle.

Suri alpacas are my favorite, if only because of their adorable mopheads.

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