Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fat Man Made of Paper

This is a long and largely pointless story. The preparations for the Halloween party at work involved cutting about four thousand ravens out of black construction paper. To accomplish this in a timely fashion, we had a couple of raven-cutting sessions, one of which took place during a webinar. But it turned out the sound of cutting paper was too loud, so we had to stop. The webinar did not involve a picture, so once we stopped cutting, there was nothing to do but sit there and listen. Many of us confessed to each other later that we do not listen well when we are not doing anything else. In order to stay awake, I spent about twenty minutes braiding the fringe on my scarf. Then I realized there were a bunch of paper scraps in front of me. And I was so incredibly bored I started making shapes out of them. Most of them were semi-deformed faces BUT then this fat man appeared, and I thought he seemed nice, so I took him home. The end.


Simon said...

P.S. Yes, he has tiny feet. I could not reach any other scraps.

Anonymous said...

This is very good. It sort of reminds me of a stylized oriental drawing. Perhaps one of the Samurai in the odd looking armor they wore. My advice is to copyright it before someone starts to use it as a logo for something.