Friday, January 13, 2012


When the trailer for Fellowship of the Ring came out, this scene was in it (only Gimli did not say his line twice):

I'm not sure why, but Matt and I found this hysterical, to the point that when we went to go see the movie in the theater, this line made us both laugh out loud. No one else laughed, but that's probably because they were overwhelmed by the magnificence of film and whatnot. Now that it's been ten years, apparently other people find this line funny, too. It's something about Gimli, I don't know. He's so angry, already, and he hasn't even gotten started yet. Wait til people start tossing you around, Gimli; then there will be something to be angry about!

Anyway, when I was looking for library graffiti, I came across this, and I laughed out loud again. I was not expecting to see this on a wall.

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Matthew said...

YESSSSSSSSS! (We're ahead of the meme-curve.)