Friday, January 27, 2012


The non-terrifying portion of Margaret Woodbury Strong's collection is the dollhouse portion. You may translate everything I say in this post as, "Aaaaaaaah look how wee!"

One thing I was never really interested in when it came to dollhouses, somewhat predictably, was the dolls. They can't stand up without help, they have to lean on things if they don't have stands. And stands look stupid.   Plus, they're never as realistic as the furnishings, so they kind of ruin the illusion. Having said that, I like the lady on the second floor. She is quite elegant.

I'd never seen a Spanish dollhouse before. Or is this Mexican? 
I should really learn to read the signs.

Tiny bed. Tiny mattress. Tiny pillow. I bet it once had tiny sheets, too.

I really enjoy kitchen fixtures from the 1930s for some reason -- both in miniature and full-sized. I think I have a refrigerator like that in my own collection, but it's been so long since I've looked through it that I can't quite remember. I'm sure my parents would love for me to find out . . . and then remove it all from their house.

I've composed a haiku concerning this tureen. Here it is:

Beautiful tureen
Color of cream and mustard
I'd buy you for real

This looks cozy. Back to that tureen though, isn't that a great tureen?
My god, what a tureen.

The lighting in this photo makes this room look, to me, weirdly real.
If only that doll weren't there, you'd never know it was a dollhouse.
SEE?! Dolls are stupid.

One dollhouse was just a huge room decorated like a nineteenth-century ballroom.
It was pretty much adorable, but not adorable enough for a haiku.


Anonymous said...

Some of these look like I could be happy living there - - except I suppose I might want that missing wall to be replaced.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

TUREEN-WATCH begins! Garage-sales, watch out! Simon's-a-comin' fer yer tureens!

Also, I'm personally partial to 1950s kitchen appliances. So much teal and chrome! Otherwise, I'm still fascinated by iceboxes, the concept of a giant ice cube sitting in hay/sawdust in a cupboard, and an 'ice man' delivering it. Wacky.

Simon said...

Teal and chrome! Also that nice indescribable shade of yellow that somehow isn't awful even though you'd think it would be. I think that's more 30's though. Or maybe it was just my great-grandmother's house.

You'll SO enjoy the icebox episode of Dr. Quinn. It cracked me up. "A what-box? That'll never catch on."