Saturday, June 09, 2012

Greenery at Linwood Gardens

Linwood Gardens is apparently magic, because every time I go there the weather is perfect, the grass is green, and I have a splendid day.

I've been reading a lot about the Genesee Valley lately, so it was nice to lay eyes on it. Although I guess technically I'm looking at it all the time because I sort of live in it. But it's hard to tell. I feel like you're only in a valley if you can see the other side of the valley. From your house. (If what you see is Russia, that means you're at Sarah Palin's house, and you should get out.)

Matt and Adam and I pondered whether these tennis courts were ever paved. Because if the ball can't bounce, aren't you actually playing badminton? But it turns out Wimbledon is played on grass. Who knew?


The green, it's everywhere! It's coming in through the walls! It's going to get into your house! Pave it! Pave it fast! 

I imagine French country estates to look exactly like this. You can tell just from looking at it that the troubadour is about to enter stage left. Unfortunately, he will probably start singing insipid French romances and we'll regret that we invited him.

This shot is poorly framed because I took it by holding my camera over my heading and clicking about blindly. Matt was kind enough to actually take good pictures for me, but I like how this one is all green, no sky, with just the pool for blue. Also, I don't know what that tree is in the top center, but it's perfect and I'd like to picnic under it.

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