Friday, December 03, 2004

as seen on tv

my good friend amanda scored some extra tickets to the taping of "VH1 Big in '04" on wednesday and graciously invited me to attend. after finagling my way out of class, i trekked over to the shrine auditorium with amanda, megan and george. let me tell you, awards shows are very dissapointing in person. the red carpet has like three rows of people lined up to watch, but they manage to make it look like thousands... the actual arrivals are dull and the show took forever to start. when it finally started it was pretty cool. it definitely didn't have the same kind of energy they will make it have on television, BUT there were definitely some highlights. 1. the cast of arrested development was there... go arrested development. 2. black eyed peas, green day, maroon5, and velvet revolver performed- excellent. 3. our seats sucked. we were in the third balcony but we stumbled upon awards show secret #1... people don't stay for the whole thing. as the night wore on and nick lachey was sounding cornier and cornier the balcony emptied out pretty quickly. by the end we were right up front. yea for being up front. 4. now the really awesome thing about being so close was jamie foxx showed up and started talking to all of us. yes. jamie foxx. it was random. he introduced stevie wonder from the balcony and walked right by us to get to the stage... yes, we might be on television! so, tune in to the last twenty minutes of vh1 big in '04 sunday night for my possible television debut... you might see my hands or something. the show really is funny though, so watch... if not for me, then to see anna nicole try to take her top off on national television.


Anonymous said...

Some people have all the fun. I will definitely watch you on the telly. Or your hands. Yeah. COOL. I can't believe there were only three rows of people, though. TV is so tricksy!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, You are the funniest woman alive. I will see you soon in ROC! Merry Christmas chica. Love, Anonymous.