Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And forth she goes.

I haven't blogged in approximately 85 years because annoying things keep happening to me and distracting me. For example, every morning I seem to wake up in a place where they expect me to read and write and do Latin from dawn til dusk. I wouldn't mind if this happened a few times a week, but it inexplicably occurs every single day. Why don't I ever wake up in Fiji or Tuscany or to a nice winter morning in Finland? If I did I would be a five-star blogger, let me tell you. I would blog your socks off.

Some mornings, of course, are worse than others. Let us take today as an example. Yesterday I turned in my last paper and finished, printed, and bound my thesis. And I was so relieved because all I had left was my Latin exam at one o'clock today, and I've studied enough not to feel like it's my fault if I do badly. So I was lying in bed after my alarm went off thinking, and this is an exact quote: "I'm so glad I don't have to write anything analytical for a whole month. SO GLAD."

Ten minutes later, I checked my e-mail and discovered a message from one of my professors saying that in the paper I handed in yesterday, I did not answer both questions and could I please just do a short paper on the first one and hand it in? And I almost wept in awe of the gargantuan size of my stupidity.

If I had woken up in Finland this morning, this would not have happened.

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Anonymous said...

damn papers!!!! I'm spiritually there for you, KT-Bug!! and so is Burt. He loves you, too. I mean, come on.. someone who smells just like peppermint can't NOT love you...

i don't know why that made more sense in my head... it makes no sense at all. Perhaps Burt is telepathically sending me hand lust messages through my fingers and into the keyboard. maybe he'll realize i'm hungry and i want to eat. but I do not want to eat his hand salve. no.

((psst... Christi is weird today))

((that's not unlike any other day))

((i'm sorry to hear about your loss in Finland))