Tuesday, December 21, 2004

plane and simple

my new favorite mode of transportation is the airplane. i obviously have no talent for driving, so i have been discussing (with myself) the feasibility of buying a jet. i mean, i have a job now and i really love this side of the country more than the other, so it makes sense to have an airplane at my beck and call. i obviously cannot rely on the major airlines anymore... their time constraints are cramping my style. take sunday morning. betsy and i woke up at 10 and i checked my flight itinerary... surprise! my one o'clock flight was actually at 11! damn those extra digits. betsy threw my bag into the car and broke several hundred traffic laws to get me to logan by 10:20. luckily i was not checking any baggage so they did not mind my tardiness. anyway, contributions to my flight school fund will be accepted in cash or candy donations. cash is preferred at the moment as i just received the estimate for the rental car incident.

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Angela said...

wear your glasses you crazy woman!!!!!!!! love ang