Monday, January 17, 2005

slight nargh

well, it's january. i should be hibernating. sipping hot chocolate and reading under multiple fleece-lined blankets. but no. i am here. in los angeles. where i have no excuse for sitting in my room hour after hour being bored out of my mind. so, this weekend, instead of sitting in my room hour after hour being bored out of my mind i moved my newly inherited rocking chair to the balcony and sat there watching humming birds flying around in the lemon tree... and being bored out of my mind. i felt like an 85-year-old. no doubt it was nice, but i found myself wishing i worked weekends, or that the painful blisters on my feet would heal so i could go running, or that i had friends in los angeles that also dispised sitting in rocking chairs watching birds and wanted to go adventuring. I even contemplated calling the over zealous co-worker i rejected last semester. Friday (my new honda civic) and I went to the grocery store, but he's not talkative and pretty submissive... not good friend qualities. so i am sending out a blog of slight narghs. i am bored here. work is fine, work is good, but i certainly wouldn't mind a decent running partner or even another over zealous boy to reject... ::sigh:: slight nargh.

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