Thursday, February 24, 2005

brotherly love

little brother: hey sis, how's the weather?
sister: the weather is bad. you're obviously watching the news.
little brother: yeah, it was so cool, we saw some woman's pool fall into the neighbor's house.
sister: yeah, real cool. you sure know cool when you see cool. hey wait, aren't you supposed to be in canada right now?
little brother: yeah! we're here. it's awesome!
sister: and you're calling me from your cellphone?
little brother: yeah, i love this phone!
sister: you're calling me... from canada... from your cellphone?
little brother: yup
sister: are you by any chance, roaming?
little brother: hey... yeah.
sister: so you're making an international call... while roaming... while you're in peak hours?
little brother: shit. i have to go.

::ring ring::

sister: hello?
little brother: dude... please don't tell mom.

something tells me mom will find out about this one...
sidenote: while typing this entry i kept putting bother instead of brother... i wonder what this means


Simon and Ivan said...

Ha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHA. So much for the rumors of genius.

Angela said...

Just tell your mom that some crazed woman held your brother at gunpoint while she made prank calls to movie stars in LA. Your mom will just be happy that your brother is still alive.