Monday, February 07, 2005

Gaudiam et utilis indeed.

In the words of plasticann, the following is a reconstructed conversation between me and my Latin professor, whose anonymity we shall preserve by calling him Ernie:

Me: Hey, Mr. Ernie, do you happen to by any chance possibly still have Life of Brian out of the library?
Ernie: Yeah.
Me: What, seriously? For three months? Five months? Since October?

Ernie looks taken aback.

Ernie: I really don't go to the library. I have research assistants.
Me: Well they failed you.
Ernie: Well, it was probably me. You could have seen it at the Bardovan, they were showing it.
Me: I don't have a car.
Ernie: You have feet.
Me: To the Bardovan? People get mugged on the path to the THs!

Brief pause.

Ernie: Do not fear the world.

It turns out that by returning Ernie's movie for him, I have saved him the indignity of getting the price of the movie removed from his paycheck. For Life of Brian. I mean, how embarrassing. I should get an A for this.


Anonymous said...

Do not fear the world? He is wise. You should learn from him. I've never seen the movie, but I've heard good things. Maybe it's so good that it demands to be watched every day for five months.

Simon and Ivan said...

Yes, the generic advice "Do not fear the world" is very poetic. However, having no fear in this particular area of the world is a good way to get your wallet stolen. That is why, after he said that, I thought to myself: "That is the WORST advice I have EVER heard, and I CANNOT believe you kept this movie ALL that time after CLAIMING that you don't even LIKE it! Plus, dies and deus are practically the same in the plural, so leave me alone!" I have so much repressed anger when it comes to Latin.

.Maeve said...

i say we modify our latin drinking game to one pull per kiss catullus gives lesbia. then we can lose track of the evil (or apple) number and ignore the rumors of old men while weeping about our grades.
i can't believe i studied french for eight years without knowing the word for hedgehog. thank you.