Sunday, February 13, 2005


Last night was the first night in a long time that I haven't woken up at least three times for whatever reason (it seems usually to have something to do with trying to save myself from being smothered by or getting hyperthermia from my monstrously huge comforter). So finally I get some real sleep, and this is what my REM cycle brings me:

The library is a department store. I still work behind the desk in the reserve room. It is going on as usual. Then this kid turns in a book and I go put it away. Then Rebecca comes in and tells me I am doing something wrong, and I realize, oh no, I have shelved that 600-page biography with the Gummi Worms! So I have to slip out of the reserve room without Rebecca noticing and run to get the book from the library's candy section. On the way I pass clothes racks, linens, and parents with strollers containing very cute children. When I reach the book, there's a kid there who wanted to eat it but his father explains to him that it is there by mistake. It is not a Gummi Book.

Then, as I'm walking back to the reserve room, I realize the place is crawling with FBI agents who are dressed like a SWAT team (yes, I realize that's like saying ATM machine) but are carrying Storm Trooper guns. They all kind of point their guns at me as I pass and I see that they are in fact toys with little flashing lights where the laser should shoot out.

When I get back to the desk, I discover that Dana Scully has dropped in. I guess something weird was going on and she was trying to help, but then she told us we should restrain her because she was about to lose her mind or something. (It is this kind of foresight and common sense that might have made certain X-Files episodes more believable.) I am suddenly inside the reserve room with her and various co-workers when an alien craft lands outside the desk and, while we are distracted with Scully, nabs one of our reserve desk patrons.

At that point I started laughing in the dream and then I woke up.


.Maeve said...

i was disappointed to see that the real reserve desk does not resemble your dream.

Simon and Ivan said...

So was I.