Wednesday, March 23, 2005


i sneezed twice on the way to work. it rained a lot yesterday. frequent readers (all two of you) will assume this entry is about another soggy crossing of the river lankershim, but you're so wrong. we in the post department watched the rain all afternoon. it poured. it was the worst i've seen it. the parking lanes on both sides of the street were totally underwater. and then the thunder and lighting started. and the power went out. and there was an earthquake... well, the earthquake was in like redondo beach or something, but THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING. anyway, we didn't have to cross the street because our boss was nice enough to ford the river in the honda civic he parks underneath. it was oregon trail. the water was almost at the doors. the cattle were drowning. we almost had to throw the intern out because we were running low on provisions. i think i caught dysentary on the way... it's the only disease that accounts for all this sneezing.


Simon and Ivan said...

I'm glad to know you're alive. If I ever see you on CNN driving down a fast-moving river in your car, I will flip out.

For future reference I think your mistake was when you passed up the opportunity to take 800 pounds of buffalo meat in order to bring the intern. I hope you brought him because his carpentry skills allow him to fix your wagon wheels or something. Otherwise, you should just eat him. I'm convinced that cannibalism would have given Oregon Trail the edgy quality it was missing. "Jimmy has dysentary": so what? "Jimmy is weak and in danger of being eaten if you don't stop messing around with rabbits and kill something worth the bullet": that's a game that really gets your attention.

MGDub said...

Yesterday I was walking by the TV set on the 3rd floor of COM and a CNN headline caught my eye: "Survivors of L.A. Boat Crash" it read. At first I thought, those crazy Californians. Why are they crashing boats? Then I remembered you and scanned the crowd of survivors for your face before continuing on to the edit rooms :)

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Daniel was good at using the left and right arrow keys in his civic to float down Lankershim. I would not have like to been thrown out of the wagon with my broken leg. Granted, the biggest help was being able to trade our extra beta deck for 20 boxes of bullets and an axel. Next time lets make it more interesting and start with a carpenter and not a banker.

- intern