Friday, March 25, 2005

Thrilling Account of What I Am Not Currently Doing

I am currently at work. I have been at work for 1.5 hours and have another two to go. It has been very slow and my bosses are not here to assign me mindless tasks. I have finished all the homework I brought with me and have nothing to do.

When I say I have nothing to do, I am of course lying. I have all these creative writing pieces in front of me that I'm supposed to comment on for class, and I can say things like, "Please indent when you begin a new paragraph," and "Please capitalize proper nouns," but what else can you say when the story doesn't mean anything? I've become Mr. James. Jesus bloody Christ.

I also have a prospectus due for my research paper on astrology. I began it while under the power of The Weeklong Headache and finished in the haze of The Drugs That Make Me Feel Like I've Inhaled Laughing Gas, so I'm going to assume it doesn't make sense and should be rewritten. I'm trying to think of ways I can quote Slartibartfast in this paper. It's my last chance to use Douglas Adams in an academic work. I'm sure there's a way to make it totally appropriate.

But I am not doing these things. I am thinking about how I'd like to go home and have a cup of tea and get back to Good Omens* (which is fascinating to read alongside Paradise Lost, by the way) and then maybe take a nap. I think I will avoid The X-Files today as I was sincerely creeped out by the human-fat-eating serial killer yesterday, but I may not be able to resist Mulder's hot 1994 poofy-hair.

*Kindly acquired for me by O Honored One Who Will Watch The Lord of the Rings With Me For Twelve Hours In a Row VOLUNTARILY Without Making Really Very Much Fun of Frodo and Sam at All Except When It's Impossible Not To


Anonymous said...

Hehe. It was my pleasure to acquire Good Omens for you. And watch 12 hours of Lord of the Rings without making fun of Sam and Frodo unless it was absolutely necessary. We'll have to repeat the experience with Dune!

.Maeve said...

good omens: YES!

Matthew said...

But you're so much hotter than Mr. James, at least! ^_^