Monday, April 25, 2005

Anybody want a peanut?

In professor's office with professor's three-year-old son:

Professor: Watch this. He just makes stuff up. What rhymes with book?
Kid: Pook.
Professor: What rhymes with hair?
Kid: Mair.
Professor: What rhymes with Avignon?
Kid: Ma-uh-mabavingyon?
Professor: Yeah. He's exploring the language.


Anonymous said...

behold! kt, the great dodger of posts has posted!

Matthew said...

It's been years since I joined the ranks of people who will actually "get" the relevance of this post's title to it's content, but it still made me laugh THAT I got it. ;) 3 cheers

a FIRE-breathing dragon said...

kid: (jumping off the heater) i want to fly!
professor: you can fly like a rock ...
kid: i can fly like a plane, a bird, a rock, and a dragon!