Thursday, April 21, 2005

the tape librarian formerly known as intern

yes, this whole post will be devoted to righting wrongs related to the the tape librarian formerly known as intern whom i will refer to as"intern" for this whole post, just because i can. you probably remember the intern from such posts as "dear intern, stop telling us you're going to bring a keg to work. you are such a liar and i am sick of getting my hopes up." and "dear intern, we should have let you drown on lankershim boulevard because you are too tall and take up way too much space in the back of the civic", or the most recent post "dear intern, why can't you understand how freakin' good cookies are". I stand by those last two posts, but the intern has requested, no demanded, that i print a retraction on the keg post. his exact words were "...I keep my word. I expect a retraction in the blog". and they say i have an attitude at work. this whole "full time employee" thing has really gone to his head. but i do retract the keg post. the intern left me a heineken "keg can" in the bottom drawer of his desk. joy! what a good intern. and for this one small act of awesomeness, i will forever after refer to him as "that guy who can't seem to organize the tapes and used to be an intern". upgrade!

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Anonymous said...

I must say that I very much apreciate the post in your blog. I hated the idea that the internet thought that I was a lying sun of a gun. I must also defend myself in the fact that I do not remember saying that cookies were the food of the devil or whatnot. In fact, I recently recieved a box of cookies and brownies from the folks and much joy was had.

- tape librarion aka that guy who can't seem to organize the tapes formely the intern or still aka the intern. also Dan I guess. Shott to some. Shotts as Demme would say it. Went by eyes freshman year of high school too.