Wednesday, April 13, 2005

work! sleep! cookies!

i apologize to all three of our readers (four including katie) for not blogging in a long long time. i switched to the graveyard shift and though this brings me great personal and professional satisfaction, i've learned that the internal clock is not a forgiving thing. i have spent the last two weeks doing almost nothing but sleeping, working and eating cookies. i told this to the tape librarian formerly known as intern and he said it sounded like a terrible life. i thought it over and took the time to explain that the number of cookies i have consumed easily cancels out the bitterness i feel for my complete lack of a social life. i also have no energy to exercise or read. in my non-working hours i lay (lay? lie? lye?) in bed and think about all the things i could accomplish if i didn't sleep for 2/3 of the day. but don't worry about me yet- save your words of hope and wisdom for next week- that's when the oreos go back to full price.


Anonymous said...

Oreos going back to full price is a crime against humanity. At least you can take comfort in the fact that Vons delivers, meaning you don't have to add 'go to the store' in you work, sleep, cookies! daily routine.

And even better than that, free dinner tonight on Craig.

- Tape Librarian formally known as the Intern

Matthew said...

I'm not entirely sure if Oreos and graveyards should be mixed. Sounds like a bad case of zombie-chocolate to me. Then again, this is the kid who actually tried an Oreo dipped in Nacho cheese, so I think this confirms my last shred of sanity to be gone, and with that, I'm off to sleep.