Sunday, May 01, 2005

and so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches

well, it took three weeks of sleeping 16 hours a day, seven days of a normal schedule, a week of insomnia and one friday night for it all to come full circle. i was so tired yesterday i decided to take a nap and twelve hours later, wow, sleep schedule RESET. wonderful. good to know it's THAT easy to get back to where you were. so i've traded in being terribly alert and annoyed during the night for being terribly alert and annoyed during the day and frankly, i'm not enjoying it one bit. california daytime people annoy me. seems like the sun brings out all the wackos and my cheery disposition causes them gravitate in my direction. saturday, on the third street promenade i was approached by a small asian man with a card full of questions "what question interest you the most?" he asked. i scanned through the list, which looked something like this:
1. Why are carrots orange?
2. Why are goats so entertaining?
3. Should you keep the cat your roommate is allergic to on the chance that is lying about his problems with feline dander?
4. Are bunnies cute?
5. Does God exist?
6. What's for dinner?
five stood out, so i (stupidly) said "five". the small asian man launched into a whole dissertation on the presence of god in our lives and after every long, long speech he would stop and ask "what do you think?" and i would say "about the existance of god?" and he would say yes and I would say "i have absolutely no idea" and then we would repeat the process. finally i was so fed up with the whole conversation i blurted out in the surliest way possible "god was disproved by the babel fish, the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42, the world is run by mice and frankly, i am sick of this conversation and need to go drown my annoyance in the gap sales rack." he left me alone after that. i blame myself. if it were not for my spastic internal clock i would still be on the "terribly alert and annoyed at night" schedule and we could have avoided all of this.


Anonymous said...

Wow. what are the chances that the asian man would have a card with exactly the same question on it that you have been pondering? I think that means you should probably keep the cat.


Angela said...

I just read that feeding a cat cow's milk can give it indigestion or diarrhea. Who'da thunk? If the cat starts acting funny, you can always stick it in your roommate's bedroom until jt feels better. PS, when you come home for graduation, you have to play with Buff... Ilove him so much.