Sunday, August 14, 2005


The people for whom I was house sitting have hedgehog-themed items all over their house. Adam counted them once. I don't remember what number he got to, but there were a whole lot. So many that this is what I am prone to hear when I invite people over: "This hedgehog is great -- what is that?"

Actually, it's more like, "What the hell is with all of the hedghogs . . . and what the fuck is that?!"

They are referring to the other noteworthy decoration of the house, which is a postcard standing against the books in the bookcase. It's a picture of a bleak room empty except for a small TV in the corner and a man wearing only a shirt hanging from the ceiling (although you can only see him from the waist down, which includes, indeed, his naked buttocks). It's in black and white and at the bottom it says, "Den ganzen Tag vor der Glotze hängen."

Oh hell, I'll just put it in here. This blog is now rated PG-13.

With the bleakness and the black-and-whiteness and the German at the bottom, it gives you the feeling it's supposed to be tragic social commentary on the plight of East Germany or something. I guess that may be true if East Germans were subjected to television propaganda. But probably not. The German translates to, "Hanging all day in front of the TV." Hanging, get it? Hahaha . . . ha ha . . . no, it's still disturbing. Curse my addiction to six-hour BBC costume dramas!


Adam said...

THAT'S what it says?! Sort of amusing... but mostly, it's still just creepy.

.Maeve said...

oh goody, my life fits on a postcard.

theanonymoushedgehog said...

yeah, mine too.