Friday, September 30, 2005

And the Only Thing Missing Was Ivan

Happy First Anniversary to Us.

Compliments of Matt and Adam, loyal readers. The reason I know they are loyal readers is they sat outside my house in a car waiting for me to come home. At midnight. In the dark. Wait... Ivan, I think we have our first stalkers.


And yet... stalkers who bring cider, a box of donut holes, and an agouti-figurine from the "mammal bin" at Party City. The agouti is in the place of a hedgehog. The agouti was chosen because Matt miraculously remembered that I like capybaras. An agouti isn't strictly a capybara but it's pretty damn close and I like it a lot. For the 1.25-years anniversary, when Ivan is home, we'll have to throw another midnight donut/agouti party.

And to our Other Loyal Readers, thanks for reading. Yeah. And hey, thanks for sending all that cash. Yup. No really. We love you. Both of you.


Ivan said...

hey, at least you got a balloon.

.Maeve said...

happy bloggaversary!

do you keep 501 Latin Verbs on the same shelf as childrens' books?! madness!

The Anonymous Hedgehog said...

Latin is so easy for me it's like child's play.