Friday, September 30, 2005

No Fair!

I find it incredibly unfair that I had to miss the one year agouti and donuts party, but I will celebrate our blog from afar. Being 3,000 miles away means I have to miss things like that. But The Forces that Control the Universe did not forget about me. They sent me a special "Happy one full year of complaining about Los Angeles" present. When I got on the freeway this afternoon it was practically empty... 5:00pm and I could go a whole 27mph all the way to the valley. I think I might have gotten up to 32 once. It was nothing short of amazing. Granted, the valley was on fire and it rained ash most of the way... but hey, glass half full. Happy Blog Anniversary, Simon! It has been a wonderful year of writing. Your posts never cease to amuse me, though they often make me miss you terribly! Have some Magic Hat and a Cupcake for me! ~Ivan

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Matthew said...

We shall feast + celebrate again upon your next temporary return to the area!!! Perhaps a condition of getting in to said party will be "all guests must bring small South American or Australian mammel figurines". It'll make for a nice random grab bag at the end. ;)