Thursday, December 01, 2005

plea to a psychic spider

i was watching a spider on the wall. and then i got distracted. and now i can't find it. last time i lost track of it, it showed up in one of my sweaters. and yesterday it was on the bathroom windowsill. it knows i washed it's cousin/brother/wife (who can tell with spiders) down the drain last year. and i watched my boss kill a black widow with a golf club last week. psychic spider knows these things. please forgive me, spider... and please don't climb up my nose while i'm sleeping. please. please.

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simon said...

You must be psychic too because I have had almost that same experience (minus golf club) and I must say one of the most unnerving things for those who fear spiders is not to find the spider but to lose the spider.

So good luck with that.