Monday, July 31, 2006

Hugh: Revisited

Hugh was a temperamental cyclamen. He had his ups and downs, but he had standards as well. He was a plant with ideals and deep seated convictions-- I don't know what they were, but man, that plant could get behind his morals.

That's the only justification I can find for his four week hunger strike. Before Hugh went all Ghandi on me, he had such verve, such zest for life and the simple pleasures that made it worth living. Things like, water, warm air, sunlight-- the occasional fluorescent lamp... they really made him happy.

I don't know what Hugh died for (something makes me think he was protesting frivolous Italian vacations) but I planted this sunshiny lollipop in his memory. R.I.P Hugh. You died with honor, as the Borg you were named after died. You are missed.


Simon said...

I hope Hugh and Bernadette will meet in the great cyclamen beyond. (And talk about how great their former caretakers were.)

Matthew said...

Maybe Hugh can go on his own Italian vacation in the great plant-y beyond and then he will be sad for his protest. But I'm glad he was a good plant while he lasted.
P.S. That lollipop is HUGE