Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yo Ho Ho

It was "Pirates of The Caribbean Friday", here in Burbank, meaning a house outing to the movies. I knew we were in trouble when one of the roommates turned to me mid-movie and said " I WANT to be a pirate. ARGH". And he was serious because not only did he make a hook with one finger, as if to imply he would be perfectly happy with a single working hand (I think i remember a shel silverstein poem where a man with a hook went to pick his nose now no longer has a nose. roommate probably hasn't read that one), but he reached into his jacket after the "ARGH" (not even nargh, he definitely went with the argh. I have to admire his attention to pillaging linguistics), and pulled out a flask of rum.

Now, some points have been lost for the lack of a counter flask of grog, but the presence of said booze meant he'd been considering the transition to piracy for at least three hours (Three hours: approximate amount of time needed to procure rum, a flask, and muster up the gall to bring it to a Disney movie).

The transition was complete when we left the movie and he proceeded to climb the first palm tree we saw.

I can only assume the rum was getting a bit strong and he wanted some coconuts to make a pina colada. Either way, It's been two days and he's still convinced he wants to ride the high seas and torture the land-lubbers (land-lubber taking the brunt of the abuse: miku).

I think I'm going to photocopy that nose picking poem and put it on the fridge before he makes a pact with Davy Jones.

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MGDub said...

LOL! What kind of crazy people do you live with?
I actually saw a kid in Hawaii do the same thing, only I think all he had to drink was a virgin pina colada.