Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Candy for the Unbeliever

This comes in second only to the Easter Cell Phone: Ostermix.

On Ivan's recent trip to Germany (concerning which she has so far failed to post HINT HINT) she picked up a bag of possibly the best Easter candy ever. I haven't actually eaten any of it yet, but I am prepared to say it's the best ever because it could not be more unabashedly pagan, and boy do I heart the pagans!

It's not the bunnies and the other bunnies and the strange cartoonish chicks that are so unreligious, although they definitely lean towards pre- rather than post-Christian traditions. It's the fried eggs.


Whether fried eggs are more appropriate to Easter than, say, a chocolate Jesus, I'm not sure. Then again, I don't know that they are even particularly connected to pre-Christian fertility rituals. If you eat the egg, it is obviously not going to hatch. So it seems to me that this is basically a religiously neutral candy, like maybe something the Easter Beagle would deliver. Christianity has inspired a whole lot of incredible music and some excellent art and literature, and I'm sure Jesus, from his seat on the right hand of God the Father Almighty, is very pleased that it has now also inspired fried-egg-shaped gummies.

I leave you with close-ups. If anyone knows what the ones that look like luridly-colored caviar are, please tell me.


Ivan said...

I like that you took the time to arrange them in pretty patterns... reminds me of sorting skittles.

Simon said...

It was really fun. For serious. Also, for the record, they're very tasty.

Matthew said...

The fried eggs are awesome, I totally agree. And yeah, looks like caviar to me, too. Excellent find, Ivan!

Anonymous said...

Not caviar, grapes....