Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Tell Me It Doesn't Get Cold Here

These photos are from two separate weekends in Los Angeles... well, slightly outside Los Angeles, but still! Cold! The first is from a snowshoeing expedition along Highway 2. During the rainy season they decide it's completely pointless to plow the road so they close it for winter sports. It's bizarre to get to a melty spot and see the double yellow lines poking through the snow. Also, people bring their pickup trucks to the top of the road, fill them up with snow and DRIVE IT HOME TO PLAY WITH. I saw at least five cars doing this. You people are CRAZY.

The second is from a weekend in Joshua Tree where I am happy to say, I was not attacked by killer spiders. I did manage to scrape most of the skin off my leg during a bouldering adventure, but it seemed minor considering none of the boulders had eight legs or the ability to scurry. After bouldering, we hiked back through a wash and stumbled upon this icy area. The Co-Spelunker was intent on finding out how thick the ice was, but arrested his investigation when he realized he was going to fall into a foot of ice water in the middle of the desert.

Of course it is 87 degrees in Los Angeles proper today.

I am wearing a skirt and flip flops.

Feel free to hate me, but don't tell me it doesn't get cold!


Simon said...

I'm adding "climatographically" to the ways in which that entire state freaks me out. Even though I'm 100% sure it's not a word.

Katie said...

You are probably lucky you wrote this when the highs in MN were in the 20s, not last week when the high of the week was about -5. Why do I live here again? What's this about me liking seasons? I think everyone who willingly lives where true (i.e. not California) winter exists is certifiably just a little nuts :)

Simon said...

It builds character. That's what I tell myself when there are frostbite warnings.