Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pockypine Flashback

Long story short: Ivan and I made this fantastic cake when she was home in June.

It was delicious, but the thing about cakes with eyes on them is that they look at you while you're carving them up, which is unsettling.

Credit for this genius idea goes to Anna Dilemna, who invented and named the Pockypine cake. You can find her blog post about the original version here. We couldn't find a football cake tin, so ours ended up being 3D.

A good argument for not waiting six months to post something is that you wouldn't forget all the great jokes you made at the time. The only thing I remember is asking Ivan whether she preferred flank or rump, but I assure you that during the course of baking this cake we said a lot of things we never thought we'd have an occasion to say. Next time maybe we'll try an alpaca-shaped cake and I will record the entire thing so as to properly report on it because you know nothing is real unless you blog about it later.


Katie said...

This is seriously one of the most awesome cakes EVER! I am seriously in awe of it and think that I need to join in on your cakemaking sometime.

Ivan said...

hedgehogs = delicious