Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hello new shoes, bye-bye blues

I have only ever owned one pair of sneakers that wasn't hideously ugly.

This is not that pair.


Katie said...

Are those running shoes? Cause mine are almost the same color.

Also, just FYI: Adam Felber's wife was on Wishbone. And his first writing job was for wishbone. Did you watch Wishbone?

Ivan said...

1. awesome shoes. i hope they treat your feet nice.


Simon said...

I had to specially ask the guy if they had them in any color but pink. Everyone within earshot laughed. I just wish they were less white/flourescent.

I watched Wishbone a few times. I never quite developed the love for it that some people (Ivan) had, but I did enjoy it. The NPR connection is kinda weird. Small world!

megan said...

rub them on the underside of your car; that's what i do.

also, i too have had only one pair of un-ugly running shoes in my life. is it that hard to make them inconspicuous?

Katie said...

Shoes do get much less ugly over time, as they get super dirty, so I'd have to agree with Megan's comment.

I wonder if my parents still have vhs tapes with wishbone on them. Just found out you can get Wishbone on Netflix. Wow.

Simon said...

I'll just have to walk through a lot of mud when spring comes.

Ivan said...

you're in Rochester, Spring could be MONTHS away... go with the underside of the car option.