Thursday, February 05, 2009


Purchased at REI:
2 plastic plates
1 plastic bowl
1 pot and pan set
1 emergency heat blanket
1 set of water purification tablets

REI employee: Oh, is this for Valentine's day?!

This is where ideas on romance must differ, because "Snuggle up in that space blanket, honey... Here's a nice glass of iodine water for you" just doesn't do it for me.

xoxo, Ivan


Simon said...

You know, though, it's when people are lost in the forest or whatever that they always fall in love in the movies. You are in the movie capitol of the world, after all.

What does iodine water taste like?

Katie said...

Maybe they thought you were going on a Valentine's Day camping trip? Or you were going to give it to a loved one in the traditional Valentine's gift of an Apocalypse Survival Kit? The guy at the REI in Mountain View CA is the best REI employee ever. So if you want some serious REI service, you should trek up north. (I would let people pass me in line so that I could have him as my checkout guy. He was maybe 60 and somewhat grandfatherly with immense knowledge of REI and all REI equipment.)

rebecca a.k.a. bondgurl said...

Sounds romantic to me...