Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Of Maple and Bacon

The scenario in which I discovered Maple Bacon Lollipops went something like this:

co-worker: what should we eat for lunch?
Ivan: I do not know, let me do some research.
co-worker (ten minutes later): we're going out for Chinese
Ivan: but I found these Maple Bacon Lollipops online and they look amazing!
co-worker (reading over shoulder): A) they do not look amazing and B) I'm not waiting 5-7 business days for lunch.

And for that quip I refused to share my lollipops with him when they did arrive.

It should be said that I take Maple very seriously. Raised in Upstate NY we have strong ties to pure sugar. As a child I was taken maple-sugaring, where you walk out to the woods, a tree is tapped, they boil the sap and serve you syrup in a tiny paper cup... it's a beautiful thing. And once I had a layover in Toronto and the first thing I did was buy a pack of maple sugar candies at duty free and then I sat down and ate them all. It is very difficult to sleep on an international flight after eating an entire box of sugar, but it was so worth it.

So the Maple Bacon Lollipops arrived and I tore in to one and frankly, the maple is sub par and the bacon is soggy and for some reason the stick fell apart and I found myself eating a lot of paper. I chalked the stick disintegration up to user error, but I tried another one and the same thing happened, so I can only assume they planned it that way and really, I'm just not that into paper pulp.

That is my review of the Maple Bacon Lollipop. To sum up:

Maple Bacon Lollipop: better in theory.

And with that being said, I sent one to Simon to get her opinion. She says it's lurking in her kitchen. I cannot wait for her review. EAT IT. EAT IT. (hedgehog peer pressure).


Katie said...

I was getting very excited until you said they weren't very good. If you want to make something maple and bacony though, I highly recommend these: http://www.barbaricgulp.com/2008/09/bacon-cookies-with-maple-icing-candied.html They are essentially shortbread (not at all sweet) with bacon, maple icing, and candied bacon on top.

Simon said...

There is something terribly wrong with both of you.

Ivan said...

Katie P = Kindred Maple Bacon Spirit

Katie said...

I am pleased and honored to be considered a Kindred Maple Bacon Spirit. The people are against Simon on this one. She should just give in now.

Simon said...

I think we have discussed this issue in relation to what can be considered a reliable sample of people and I believe I concluded that three was not enough to get good polling data.

For the record, I like bacon. In its proper place.

Katie said...

Simon. You are weird. Accept it. Between this and the ice cream thing...you are weird. I'll still talk to you. I believe I can convert you yet.

Matthew said...

I often dip my bacon in my syrup, if served with pancakes.

However I am a bad upstate-NY-er and was raised on the "fake" syrup stuff (Log Cabin, I believe, was the brand) and not on real Maple Syrup (TM). Thus, I think I have sadly created a third, bastardized fringe offshoot of Kindred Maple Bacon Spirit.

I don't think I've been to a tree-tapping since pre-school, but would LOVE to go.