Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Which We Find Katie P. is a Terrible Influence

Because Katie P. is all up in the comments saying "oh look, here are these maple bacon cookies. they're made of flour, butter and bacon and oh THEY LOOK DELICIOUS" I spent the day making cookies. out of bacon.

The dough was easy. The frosting simple. The Candied Bacon. Well, here's a picture of my apartment. You see the sun streaming through that window? You can see that beautiful ray because there's so much smoke in my apartment. mmmm, bacon smoke. I opened all the windows before the fire alarm went off and I ate the bacon out on the balcony. It said it was optional for the cookies so I took it to be more of an appetizer.

And I have to say-- the cookies are pretty good. A pleasant "I can eat this for breakfast because it shares ingredients with a pancake" taste.

To sum up: Maple Bacon Cookies: just as good in theory as they are in practice. You are all invited to breakfast at my house to test said theory. Please bring coffee.


Simon said...

I just don't know about this.

Katie said...

I think Simon's skepticism is uncalled for. To demonstrate that, I offer up another, albeit untested, bacon cookie recipe. This time there is no candied bacon. Sorry for the lack of warning to disengage the smoke detectors. I think I took t out before it started smoking. The guys in my lab told me that the cookies were unnecessary, they just wanted to eat the candied bacon with maple icing on top. Boys!
New recipe: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/01/bacon-oatmeal-cookie-sandwiches-recipe.html

Katie said...

And yet more bacon cookies: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2008/10/bacon-fat-spice-cookies-recipe.html

Matthew said...

IVAN: I want to try 'em! They sound delicious!

Also I found this website of interest: Bacon Nation