Friday, March 27, 2009

However, there was no mention of my future success as a naval officer.

Since I have no earthly idea how tarot cards work (I only bought them because who could pass up tarot cards made up by Edward Gorey?) so I just swirled these in a pile and drew one. Ta-da!

According to the little book, this means, and I quote:

hereditary weakness
loss of money
a false statement
morbid dependency
staggering sickness
an overdose
unstable furniture

Hmm. Unstable furniture. That sounds familiar.

*In case you had no idea: "In modern idiom maintenance is the support of litigation by a stranger without just cause. Champerty is an aggravated form of maintenance. The distinguishing feature of champerty is the support of litigation by a stranger in return for a share of the proceeds." Once again, Wikipedia, I am indebted to you. Please don't be lying to me.


Ivan said...

Unstable furniture... your kitchen is at a rather garish angle and you insist on using a rolling office chair while you eat at the table... I think this tarot reading can be called a success.

Katie said...

I haven't been able to comment on this because there's just SO MUCH to comment on. I'm still taking it all in.

Simon said...

We have been posting a little more than usual...