Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Picture of the San Andreas Fault

yes, I know, it's thrilling. When it shifts, the stream that runs along the hill shifts as well. When a channel is separated from the rest of the stream it is called a beheaded stream.

And here is a photo of a Kangaroo Mouse, to show you that not everything about my weekend was educational and dull. Some of it was downright adorable.

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Simon said...

Pictures! Hooray! I think it IS a bit thrilling, really. It's a fault! How cool! Earth science was wasted on me in ninth grade, but now I think it's rather interesting.

Matt and Dan and I saw a Kangaroo Mouse at Stonybrook once. It struck us as very strange and we worried that it was deformed. I think we later discovered that it was supposed to be all hunched over and were relieved.

... I think I just told a Dan Story.