Monday, April 06, 2009


I work in post production. I love the computers and the dark edit bays and the fact that I don't have to interact with very many people... but it's a male dominant profession. And boys don't eat very well. Our version of craft services is 30 bags of potato chips in a bottom drawer and some strawberry poptarts to meet the fruit requirement. And of course when such lovely snacks are around, I am inclined to eat them. So, in an attempt to be healthier I joined a website that lets you log your food and exercise. I like this method because if you exercise, you get to eat more strawberry poptarts... I understand this isn't actually healthy, but it's the sort of rationale I can get behind.

This weekend I went backpacking and when I got back on Sunday afternoon I logged all my exercise-- and let me tell you, hiking for two days with a 30lb pack earns you a lot of calories. Like, more calories than I could eat in a week... and instead of saying "wow-- look at how heathy I was this weekend! I should celebrate with some carrots!" I did the math and said "wow-- I could eat an entire can of Pringles!" And when I logged that logic into the food calculator it gave me a little sad face.

I guess its cold computer heart doesn't understand what it means to EARN 200% of your daily intake of salt... but being in post production, I get it. And I think the boys would be proud.


Simon said...

I think this is the basis of why we get along so well. Our food logic is very similar. I'm thinking I'll start jogging again after England (so I don't damage myself beforehand - who cares about after) and immediately after I had that thought, my next one was, "If I run every day can I start eating bagels and cream cheese for breakfast?"

Anonymous said...

<3 your logic!