Friday, April 10, 2009

A Slightly Itchy Easter

It's Easter Weekend which means nothing to me aside from dying eggs with my cousin-- and really, it's not so much the egg dying as seeing how much food coloring we can absorb into our skin. If you ever wanted to know how you'd look with a horrific skin discoloration, stop by the Inland Valley tonight! While achieving that "moldy hands" look is first and foremost on our list of things to do, my interest in the food dye is two fold. With any luck it will also act as a salve for my poor poison oak covered arms. Fun fact: Poison Ivy doesn't exist on the west coast. Fun Fact number 2: This just leaves more room for the poison oak. So yes, Happy Easter-- and here's hoping that my blisters will blend well with my Easter dress.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice the "peeps" in the photo. Some people, not naming names here, get very carried away with peeps. Paste this link into your browser and click through the pictures for bizarre peeps.|main|dl3|link7|

Simon said...

Wow. You sound like you're a complete mess. Take pictures!

Peeps are so strange. I think one day they'll make an attempt to take over the planet and a whole lot of people will turn to each other and say: "I knew it."

Walker Salmon said...

That explains why your hands were all blue. I was afraid to ask!