Thursday, April 09, 2009

This post is better than the commercial I'm watching for a movie with Russell Crowe with long hair and a southern accent, that's all I can say for it.

This is the post that is going to make you ask yourself, "Why do I read this blog?" The answer is because no other blog offers the kind of hard-hitting coverage of the important issues that we do here at Simon & Ivan. The most important issue I can think of facing us today is this: which of Simon's mugs hold the most tea? This is a question that has puzzled me for some time. It has long seemed that some of my mugs are employing some strange alien technology to allow them to hold more tea than seems possible. That, or I am shrinking. I choose to believe my mugs are alien; it makes me feel better.

To prove this I compared my estimate of how much these mugs should hold, according to their appearance, with the amount they actually hold.

My guess is shown in this delightful picture in which I have arranged the mugs from largest to smallest:

And here is the order according to how much they hold:

Oh my goodness! It's so different!

It turns out that innocent-looking pine-cone mug that Meryl gave me seven years ago is And also alien.

I had absolutely nothing to blog about today.


Ivan said...

Such lovely mugs... all in a row. I like this post.

Simon said...

It's true. I have pretty mugs. Have I mentioned how much I love the wee blue one at the end of the line? It's my new favorite.

megan said...

Okay, so I think you should measure volume with liquid and a measuring cup, because I am BLOWN AWAY.

If only there were a real-life Mulder...

Simon said...

That's what I did! And the results were shocking. (I thought of Mulder, too, actually. He could totally have written a better post about this strange phenomenon.)

Katie said...

If you got that fancy tea cup chair, however, that should hold more than all of them combined. Er. Or it could if you hollowed it out or something. It could be like a fishbowl, but of tea not of booze. My brain is dead. Apologies.

megan said...

Yeah, I'm not really sure how I thought you came to your mug rankings in the first place... I think I imagined you peering into them, tapping your chin with an index figure, and then shouting 'eureka!' and lining the mugs up.

It's possible I need more sleep.

Even if Mulder did know about this, it'd only be because he read it in the Weekly World News.