Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gravel Pit

I'm way behind on things here, so we're having a flashback to mid-April, when I was dog-sitting. The weather was rather nice, so the dog and I took a walk down to the gravel pit. You may remember the gravel pit from this 2005 post. The one about how there were hyenas living in it. Or coyotes. Or a chupacabra. And my mother tried to feed me to them. Or something like that, I don't remember exactly how it goes. Anyway, the scary Brotherhood-of-the-Wolf creature(s) have apparently moved on, and now the gravel pit makes me think not of a gory death but an alien planet.
Obviously this alien planet would look a lot like earth, and would have speed limits, and they would be represented in Arabic numerals, but it's still a weird place. There is something fundamentally wrong about an enormous hole in the ground. It feels like a drained lake.
Or maybe it's just that I've never actually witnessed anyone working there. For most of my childhood a lot of crashing and beeping and Caterpillar noises came out of there, but whenever we walked down to look at it, there were no people, only enormous piles of gravel in peculiar formations. I imagine it feels about the same to wander around an ancient stone circle: it's manmade, but it doesn't really make sense.
Maybe what creeps me out the most is that it seems like it might spontaneously fill in at any moment. Obviously that's ridiculous, but a good many things that are ridiculous happen anyway. I'm just saying, the dog and I kept our wits about us.
Well I did, anyway.


Maeve said...

excellent setting for a movie. the same way approx. 2/3 of the old doctor who episodes were filmed in quarries.

Ivan said...

You can always ride Abbie away from Danger... as long as the the Danger is coming no faster than a slow waddle.