Monday, August 10, 2009


I have never liked karaoke and I have a long list of things I would rather do than sing it-- hike 20 miles in a relentless northern California rain storm, clean a 1/4 inch of black mold out of a window sill, poke hot needles under my fingernails, watch professional wrestling, drink MilkPop... I'm telling you, it's a long list and it's pretty comprehensive.

But moving makes you vulnerable and sometimes all it takes is a hint of nostalgia to change your mind. Cali people sent me this picture on Saturday night and I think I could make a karaoke exception for "Since U Been Gone".
I like Kelly Clarkson so much, I will reorder the list-- she can go right above "drinking MilkPop on a hot summer day"... but I would still rather clean mold out of the window sills.

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Magusia said...

We need a new blog. (Imagine throngs of fans joined in a chant not unlike this one, storming the streets of whatever not-as-good-as-California place you've settled on as a home.) I'm just saying.