Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Horrible Thing Happened at Grandmother's House

It started out as a typical day with a six course breakfast in the kitchen. Some of the paint was peeling off of our fruit but it is after all about forty years old. We often have corn and turkey for breakfast, as well. As you will see, we are an unusual family.

After breakfast we sat in the living room listening to the wireless for a bit. It is a family tradition not to bend our legs at the knees; we feel that would be a sign of weakness.

Then it was time for our morning bath. We are very modest and bathe fully clothed. This allows us to have three bathtubs in use at once. We never have to fight over who gets to go first.

Once we're done with our morning routine it is nearly always time for an afternoon nap. Cousin Freddy unfortunately has to sleep in a chair because although we could afford to have an entire schoolroom transported into the bedroom, we can't afford to buy him a bed.

After our nap is when It Happened. We thought it was time for a snack and we had just wandered into the kitchen when what to our wondering eyes should appear but THIS:

The hippo had dragged something UNSPEAKABLE into the house!

We never recovered from the shock and we all had to move to Canada under assumed names before the police came and arrested us for illegal ownership of a hippo. The end.


Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and the story!

Hope you enjoy Canada. I hear it is cold up there, and, from what I understand, there are only a few hippos in the wild. Don't worry.

I think I will try to not bend my knees when I sit - would not want to appear weak (or normal). Bathing with clothes on would save the time otherwise spent doing laundry, too. Titanic idea!

Ivan said...

a pet hippo! what a wonderful idea!