Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I've had a headache for many days now. This tends to happen in the dead of winter, when the air has been dry for a long time. My sinuses swell up like an emergency raft and cause me great pain and misery when I do things like move my head and use my eyes. I tried decongestants, nasal rinses, an increased consumption of liquids, and putting a blanket over my head while I drank a cup of tea, but my sinuses laughed in the face of these feeble efforts and upped the ante by repeatedly threatening me with bloody noses. This reminded me of The Lord of the Flies, when Simon hallucinates about talking to the pig head and then goes unconscious gets a bloody nose. That was something I wanted no part of, so I went to the store and brought home the big guns: a humidifier.

This was the humidifier I really wanted.

This is the one I actually got.

This is how I made up for it.

I would like to thank my sister for pre-preparing the googly eyes, which originally appeared on a Christmas present. We really like anthropomorphic Christmas presents in our family. Also anthropomorphic humidifiers. I shall call him Steamy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Steamy.


Ivan said...

that is downright adorable.

I was looking around the apt for things I could put eyes on, but then I realized we already have a live mouse AND something dead in the walls... that will be enough.

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh when I scrolled to the 3rd photo - wonderful idea.

We should all add googly eyes to everyday objects. The world would be much more fun.

Sounds like a potential Candid Camera episode.

Simon said...

I do find that googly eyes make everything friendlier. Unfortunately the humidifier makes them steam up. He needs to get eyeball wipers installed.