Thursday, February 25, 2010

That boy needs therapy!

There should be a part in Oklahoma! where the entire cast surrounds Jud Fry and does a rendition of "Frontier Psychiatrist." It could take the place of "Lonely Room" which is a boring song. At least I'm pretty sure it is. I always fast-forward through it.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that boy probably does need therapy.... But I came to comment on the very cool (!) new picture at the top of the page.

The hedgehogs look so natural in their new environment.

Simon said...

They do surprisingly well in zero gravity, too.

Matthew said...

Are you original-movie-cast'ing-it-up or Hugh-Jackman-yum-yum'ing it up?

Also, the forthcoming lack-of-a-story about tuna that you were promised ties into Frontier Psychiatrist. Weird.

Simon said...

It took me three whole minutes to figure out what on earth that question meant, but now I've cracked it: yes, it was the Hugh Jackman version. It could only be better if Bill English were playing Ali Hakim. (I think I remember the high school's production of Oklahoma! better than any of the musicals I was actually involved in myself.) And of course if Frontier Psychiatrist were included. I sincerely think I'm onto something here.