Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell, Nifty Rotating Quote

We at Simon and Ivan decided we needed to (1) spruce ourselves up a bit, and (2) communicate our position on space travel, which is to be staunchly blasé. This new design kills two birds with one stone. It also, unfortunately, kills the nifty rotating quote, which was a serious accomplishment when it originally appeared. Alas, something about it gives Blogger indigestion. I may try to resuscitate it at some point, but I have done enough cursing at the html editor today. I saved only Kurt Vonnegut. Mainly to remind myself to read that book some time.

There are some nice new things, however. You can now search the blog, if you feel compelled to do so. The search box is at the very bottom of the sidebar. And the link in the header, which I broke years ago, has finally been restored. You can now click on "Simon and Ivan went to Saturn" and get back to the main page from any post you happened to have wandered off into. You can also e-mail any post to all your pals using the link at the end. However, it will apparently only send a link to the post, not the text of the post. Bah!

AND, the header is finally centered! I may have been the only one who was sincerely bothered by it being two millimeters off, but oh, was I bothered.


Ivan said...

i am awfully lucky to have a bucket like you-- it's not often one finds a friend with such html skills AND a healthy appreciation for lynley, fancy cakes, tea and that screensaver with all the meeping marbles.

flies. hatchets. xoxo.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, the new search option tells me a lot about Simon and Ivan. I just searched "bacon". 9 entries. Hedgehogs with a taste for cured meats.

megan said...

the shadowy figure on the left in the header is freaking me out.

Magusia said...

I love the staunchly blase stance.

Matthew said...

Hedgehogs iiiinnnn SPPPPPAAAACCEEEEEE. Frankly, I'm a tad surprised that the header doesn't provide the option to play a rendition of the Star Trek theme on, say, dulcimer.

Thanks for the search! During the bacon incident, and since, I have actually used real-for-sure Google to search the blog from outside the blog. This is much better.