Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Night Ever!

Last night I made brownies, and then I went over to the institution known as "MAMA's house," where they had strawberry rhubarb pie. I was offered some pie, but, thinking of my cooling brownies at home, and my fat gut, I declined. Trying to explain this bizarre behavior, I started off saying, "Two desserts in one night would be..." and the end of this sentence was kindly supplied for me: "...the best night ever!" They know me too well at MAMA's house.

I never did try the brownies because it was too late by the time I got home to be consuming five hundred calories in one go. Also, I made SEVERAL errors in the recipe, so I was not wholeheartedly eager to try what I can only refer to as a culinary experiment.

However, if the brownies end up all right, I have a second chance at The Best Night Ever, because today a freelance client brought me an apple pie. Please, witness the miracle of the apple pie:

Looking at this pie objectively I'm inclined to believe that it is probably the most delicious-looking apple pie I have -- nay, anyone! has -- ever encountered. I've already been spoiled for all future freelance projects. Now I fear I am spoiled for all future pie.


Anonymous said...

Food, quite properly in my opinion, occupies (no pun intended) a significant percentage of the posts on this blog. How delightful!

Delicious looking pie. You have nice friends and clients.

Ivan said...

is this the same client that brought the crack pie? does he need any television shows edited?