Thursday, June 03, 2010

Eyeball FAIL

Lately my right eye has been twitchy and strained. Since it obviously isn't beriberi, my first thought was BRAIN TUMOR. Think of the blog post I could write about being awake while my skull is opened! But it is not a brain tumor. I went to my marvelous eye doctor and he explained it like this: "There's this number. Most people are a 6. You're an 18." And then he gave me a piece of card stock and a cat toy.

These are for convergence exercises. The instructions are nearly unintelligible. At the top it says "The Normalization of Fusion in True Space," which sounds like the title of a philosophy of art paper to me. It goes on to discuss physiological diplopia and how you have to train your eyes to see double vision when they're out of alignment, so that they will automatically go back into alignment, like the eyes of normal people who are sixes. I am to return to the office in three weeks at which time I have been informed there will be a test. I hate failing tests, so if you see me and I'm staring cross-eyed at my thumbs, it's because I'm studying.

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Ivan said...

i very much enjoy the idea of you playing with a cat toy.