Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Second of June

The only thing open on the way to work was Burger King. Our boss did not give us the day off. Plan for retaliation was a sick day on the 4th of July. 4th of July is a Sunday. Life: it is hard.


Pandora said...

I'm sorry to hear that you will not be celebrating any sort of independence this year. But your post reminded me of an important fact: reading translated web pages is very amusing and enjoyable. It reminds me of reading marketing slogans that don't work out very well in foreign countries. Google's translation was also far superior and more informative, and therefore much less entertaining than Yahoo's.

For instance, the Yahoo headline and first sentence of an article: “We must work entirety for the emergency and the common well-being: in Italy and Europe"

“In a more and more interdependent world, true emergency will not be able esservi if permarranno focolai of threat; true well-being will not be able esservi if also only a part of the humanity will be forced to live in the indigence."

Sounds to me like we should be working for a true emergency of common well-being and ALSO more, something. This could get exciting!

Google's version: "We must work together for the safety and well being common in Italy and Europe"

"In an increasingly interdependent world, there can be no genuine security if outbreaks will remain a threat, there can be no true well-being even if only part of humanity will be forced to live in poverty."

Well, that sounds much more logical and I feel peaceful, safe and secure. Booor-ing.

Thanks, Ivan, for providing me with the potential for hours of delight!

Simon said...

I personally definitely want ALL of humanity to live in indigence, not just part. Why leave people out, that's what I say!