Thursday, July 01, 2010

Need I even say it?

If you absolutely must know more, see this article in Bacon Today, a terrible terrible website teeming with grotesquely inappropriate uses of bacon.


Anonymous said...

I think I like chocolate covered bacon better. But, never having tried either this type or the chocolate covered type, I am only hoping it would be true.

Pandora said...

I don't know which part I like better (and when I say "like better" I mean "find more horrifying") the phrase "notice how well the color is retained" or that there is a website called Bacon Today.

Simon said...

Ditto. It was the concern over retention of color in meat that really put me off.

Maybe if it were dyed and then dipped in chocolate so no one could see, then it would be acceptable. But this! This is an offense against pigs.

Anonymous said...

And.... as long as we are on the topic of bacon, I watched the guy in this video yesterday. I had never seen him before (I'm not in the habit of watching the food channel), and decided that he was kind of a dork - but a very educated, clever and entertaining dork, who explains a lot about why certain things work well in recipes.

So, besides making banana pudding (with vanilla wafers made from scratch), caramel candies and a couple of other things I don't recall, he then made - drum roll please\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/
- - - praline bacon
which he claims is wonderful.