Thursday, August 05, 2010

Frogge Pond

This water is ALGAL. Oh how glad I am that I know that word now.

Frogge blends in with pond scum so beautifully!

Look at those lovely sapphire eyes! Still would not kiss it, though.


Simon said...

P.S. Is it just me or is pond scum kind of pretty?

Simon said...

P.P.S. Is it bad form to comment on one's own post?

Anonymous said...

Where is this curious pond?

How did you manage to see the frog amidst all of the other green bumps and lumps?

Commenting on your own post is sort of like bartenders priming the tip jar with some of their own change.

In this case, it draws people to look at the comments to see what someone has said, and then, after going to all the trouble of getting to this point, the only polite thing to do is to leave a comment as well.

Only ill mannered people would sneak silently away.

Simon said...

This curious pond is at Sonnenberg Gardens. There are, in truth, many scummy bodies of water at Sonnenberg, but this is actually more of a drainage pond.

The frog poked his head out while I was looking, or I might not have seen him.

Perhaps I will experiment with priming posts with comments. And then I will post about my results. And then I will comment on them.