Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ghost Town

I went to Croatia last week and experienced many lovely things-- Islands full of peacocks, bars set into cliff sides (I assure you, there is no better way to watch the sunset over the sea), stalls of lavender, twisty-turny bus rides down the coast, a coffee on the steps of Diocletian's Palace, sea kayaking off the coast of Hvar, squid ink risotto, oysters, dancing to traditional Serbian folk music while dressed as a prostitute in Montenegro (the girls assured me I looked fabulous).

--What follows is a smattering of photos, mainly to appease Simon. And no, I have no photos of me dressed as a prostitute-- the obligatory pigeon would have covered up most of the black eyeliner anyway--

It was quite a trip. And when I returned to Rome on August 1st, it was empty. How can an entire city disappear overnight? And whenever I remark on this new silent city people go "just wait until Ferragosto". I threw that word into my little dictionary and here we go:

Considering I subsist on a diet of pizza and gelato, and those are the only stores still open, I'm guessing come August 15th, I am going to starve. Please send provisions...


Simon said...

I am delighted to see this smattering of photos. They are very lovely. Now, since you seem to be taking requests, please tell stories about all the things you mentioned in your first paragraph, except for the squid ink risotto. I don't know why anyone would eat that.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Simon says that we need more details and I agree.

I think that makes it unanimous.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I fear that neither pizza nor gelato would survive the trip.

We could, however, send you other epicurean delights, such as any of the Chef Boyardee products. They purport to be Italian, so they would fit right in. A case of Spaghetti-Os would certainly hit the spot.

Though, truth be told, I would remove the labels from the cans before sending them to save you the embarrassment of being seen with such a heretical item in Italy.

I might go so far as to not put a return address on the package in order to avoid some local retribution from pasta purists.

Colin said...

Blah blah world travel whatever. You've seen the season premiere of Mad Men, right? What did you think of Don's death scene?