Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I keep forgetting to post. I do not have much to talk about. I've been in a limbo of letter-writing and novel-reading. And watching Dead Like Me. I think Callum Blue and David Tennant might be the same person. Why has there not been an inquiry in this? It's very suspicious. Also, it snowed, so I investigated that, and found out that I need boots. Also, I have been keeping an eye out for Matilda, but so far she has proven either much dumber than George (does not know a nice peanut butter-and-oatmeal concoction when she smells it) or much smarter (knows a trap when she sees it). This remains puzzling. Also, my last incandescent bulb blew, so I replaced it, and it's so much bigger that it sticks out of the lamp and blinds me, so I had to turn the shade around so it's pointing upwards, and now it's unavoidably clear that I need to dust in the corner by my desk. Also, do you know what's great? Fruit punch. Also, I ripped the nosepad on my glasses. No idea how. Thought about superglue, decided there was too much danger of gluing my glasses to my face permanently. Similar things have happened. To me. Also, did you know Eastman Kodak was where the adhesive in superglue was invented? Also, I have been spelling superglue wrong on purpose as a way of sticking it to the man, which I think is a small price for the man to pay for coming up with a great name for something and cornering the market. Folks, we here in Simon's brain have truly and sincerely run out of things to say. Thank you for stopping in. Good night.

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