Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review

I had a problem in Italy where the Poste Italiane just refused to deliver packages. I don't know if they arrived and no one was home and in spirit of Italian efficiency they just sent them back, or if there was a customs problem, or what. Either way, I've returned to the United States and people are all "Welcome back! We have a care package for you in the garage!". It's like early Christmas out here!

I spent my Thanksgiving with my Aunt's family and they dug out a semi-mangled box of birthday presents for me. It was an amazing package full of food and wonders-- and my favorite part: Aunt Sara's Book Review. Aunt Sara is incredibly smart and well read and she LOVES to buy books-- so every time I'm at her house it's like going to the library except they actually HAVE all the books that are new and awesome. So usually I browse the shelves at Sara's house and then ask how the book was before I steal it away-- but for the sake of the garage package, because it was supposed to find me in Italy, she kindly included a post-it note review on every cover:
Travel to Venice! Sound advice for a world traveler.
"Entertaining but a little depressing" (thanks for the head's up)."Think you might have this already" (I don't).

And my personal favorite:
Think I liked it, don't remember.

It's really good to be home.

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Simon said...

That's genius. I think I might do that with my books. I can never remember the plots to anything.